RealEscort Sweden

Se nedan eskort och massagenyheter som du har valt. Kom ihåg att logga in och prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev om du inte vill missa nyheter.

Once again, we have been DDOS attacked by someone, maybe a competitor.?

(Updated 11-07-2014 please read at the bottom)
We have a sneaking suspicion it is one of our competitors, just like last year.
This time they have use new type attack and we were not ready and our hosting was not ready for it, it is the first time any of us have seen this type of attack. For this reason, the site was down all night/day. :o(

WE ARE SORRY, all of us here at RealEscort has been up all night and working hard to make changes.
Many of us have not sleep 36 hours! We are doing all we can do get everything online again now!

Many things are online now, but some things may not work until we find the bugs and sort them out, as we have done some big changes!
Please have patience with us, we will get back online today/tonight fully.
We have taken steps to solve this once and for all and we will hopefully never again be offline for this reason, We hope!

PLEASE SUPPORT US! SUPPORT YOUR SELF, Stop using the other sites! Don’t make ads there when we are offline! It will only make them try to do this again!

All advertisers who want 2 free days on their ads. Write to support (only pay countries).
All advertisers who have lost Frontpage, Priority or Category day/days? Write to support, and we'll give you new days.

Update: 11-07-2014 - 12.00
Everything is fixed now, and all should be working!
Never ever a realescort thats offline again, EVER!

We have taken steps to make sure this not happens again. From today everything should be good :)
We are also taking steps to make sure the site stay online even if we are not. (our servers)
Then there will be a offline version of the website, where customers still can see ads, so you don't loose business.
When site is in offline mode Users, Advertisers, Visitors cannot login to their accounts.
BUT! you will be able to see the site, categories, cities, ads, and this way use the site almost as normal.
(and we will then in the background be working on getting it back online)

This new system is not fully finished we are working on it, and testing it, soon it will be ready.

Thank you all for supporting us and sticking with us, we appreciate it :)