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Can’t see RealEscort Sweden? Here a guide how to make it work.

Can’t see RealEscort Sweden? Here a guide how to make it work.

TEST if you can see Sweden site first!! Click here!

If not, read below.

We have found out there is a problem for 50% of visitors to see Sweden :o(
There is a problem with a DNS update, so some Internet Providers do not have the right info.
It will be fixed Monday, and should work by Monday evening maybe Tuesday afternoon latest.

But you can actually make it work NOW if you want.
All you need is to use a different DNS server, its FREE!.
(dns is like a phonebook telling your computer where to look for a website)

DON’T WORRY, it will not make any problems to change your DNS, you will be able to see all websites in the work, maybe even faster and better than you do today, and if you want you can change back Tuesday, after the DNS problems has been fixed.

Here is how you do it, can be done on both computers, pads, phones, laptops and routers if you want.

After you have setup the new dns, Sweden will work, if not, then reboot your computer, ipad, phone, labby :o)

We are sorry about this issue, we did not see it, as all our testers could see the site, so it took us a few days to find the problem. And when we did, it was already weekend, and unlike RealEscort, Big companies like Telia, Google, Domain registrars, don’t work in the weekends :o(
So there are no one to fix it until Monday..

Thanks and best regards

Team RealEscort