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Se nedan eskort och massagenyheter som du har valt. Kom ihåg att logga in och prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev om du inte vill missa nyheter.

We have today stopped free ads in Sweden, Why?

We spend lots of time, money and effort in building the best escort and massage site in the world :o) and we are sad to see many exploit the FREE ad system.

Too many boys, making ads to have free sex with girls, disguising there ads as Gigalo’s offering escort and massage services. (dick photo boys, you know them by only having pictures of their dicks on the ad)

Too many girls make 2-3-4-5 FREE ads for themselves with different pictures to get more customers. (Different pictures of them self, different locations clothe etc.)
It is okay to have 2-3 ads for yourself if you wish, but then you need to pay for the service we provide you, and they need to be real, same info, height, weight, age, and pictures of yourself etc.

Too many ads making new ads repeatedly to get on the new ads page.

Too many ads that do not have active travel plan, if you do not work or if you are in a different country now, disable your ad!

Too many ads that do not keep their ad information updates or answer there phone or mailbox messages from customers.

As Sweden has grown, we have received requests from customer and advertiser to solve those issues and the answer is simple, stop serving free ads! The site is simply too big for FREE ads.

So it’s been decided to stop offering free ads in Sweden, so the real girls and boys that work hard in this business can enjoy the site, and all the customers that come here on RealEscort Sweden website to find their escortdates.

Let all the amateurs, fakers, free loaders, weekend joy riders, signup on the other free massage/escort sites in Sweden. And let’s keep RealEscort Sweden REAL! :o)

This should for the customers, take care of the ads not answering phones, mailbox or not having updated travel-plans.

We hope this will make it easier for customers find the escortdate they are looking for, that will for-fill all their dreams, hopes and needs :o).


What does this mean for new advertisers?
All new ads, ads created today and forward will need to pay if they want to advertise on RealEscort Sweden.

What does this mean for current advertisers?
All current ads will sometime Monday get from 20 to 60 days on their ads random selected.
Therefore, the transition from free ad to paid ad should be smooth over the next 60 days.


To those of you that levee, good luck out there in the big old inter’web...

To those professionals, those that provide true and real service to their customers that stay, we welcome as paying customers, our service will be the same, EXCELLENT as always :o)
And we look forward to many good years of taking care of your advertising needs, and getting you all the customers you ever need.

Have a wonderful day.

Team RealEscort Sweden

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