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Se nedan eskort och massagenyheter som du har valt. Kom ihåg att logga in och prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev om du inte vill missa nyheter.

RealEscort Is checking your browser SMS info.. Dont worry :o)

In this world there are many scumbags, there are many people who have no honor, or no morals, they will do anything and everything to hurt you and us..

To all of you, be careful what sites you advertise on, many of them are no good.

You know us, here at ReealEscort, we got your backs, even when others try to take our site down, so you cannot advertise and get customers..

We will always be here, we got your back, don't worry, all is well, everything is fine, if our site is offline or slow, don't worry it will be fixed fast!

So pay no attention to stupid sms's like this

When you see message your browser is being checked, its when they attack our page, our protection systems make sure, everything is okay, and no scumbags get in..

So don't worry, pay no attention to the sms or emails from scumbags.

And please, leaver the other escort sites, come stay here, only on RealEscort :)

Our protection system is from: thats the message you see, they are checking brower is okay..

Have a wonderful day/night.

Team RealEscort