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Tantra SPA by Veronique´s Motto : "BE READY TO BE CHANGED FOR EVER" even a devil was once an Angel.... 📞 +46 729336188📞

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Sodermalm /Bohusgaten
11664 Stockholm



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Dear Stockholm's gentlemen❤️
welcome to our wonderful studio in Södermalm.

My dear ones .
I'm happy being in Stockholm again.

It's going to be a journey of sensuality.
I've been performing tantric massage and sexual bodywork for a couple of years and I love my job. I believe that everybody deserves to get experience with conscious, loving touching. Seeing people happy, comfortable in their sexuality, discovering sometimes hidden ability to enjoy their bodies is the best reward. I always like to talk with my clients and I must say you are the best teachers, I love listening to you.
I'm educated in several arts of manual therapies including Shiatsu, Adjuveda massage, Tao massage, Lomi Lomi, and I use these principles in my practice. That's why my session is not only massage but also some kind of healing.
For me, every session is an unforgettable ritual and performance. It is always interesting to me, how much different it is because every person is just unique. Before your session, we take time to talk and see what is the best treatment for you today.

It can be peaceful and relaxing, exciting, hypnotic, deeply touching, very dynamic or light and playful...

Come and join me on my journey of breaking up your sexual boundaries. It will be my pleasure to become your guide and give you the best of my ability. I am going to wake up your sensual energy and bring you to endless delight ever.

I am going to consciously touch not only your body, but I will also touch and heal your soul and heart.

I look forward to meet you again.
Only you and me in a present .....

Bonnie ❤️


60 min +body to body +waving 1800 SEK
90 min +body to body +waving 2300 SEK
120 min +body to body +waving 2800 SEK


🌟BODY TO BODY ( 500 SEK included in massage package )
Do you want to feel the softness of the skin and sexy female curves? To be taken over by amazing woman´s moves? Than body to body is an ultimate experience.

🌟WAVING ( 500 SEK included in massage package)
This technique has a bigger focus on your lingam. Spending more time than normal lingam massage, it aims to bring you close to climax over and over again until the grand finale.

The Kingslingam is a Lingam massage worthy of a the masseuse puts all her focus and energy in to giving you experience of a lifetime. She will use tricks and movements that you never experienced before, to bring you to heaven and backd and denied energy to expand throughout

🌟BDSM(600 SEK)
Why the dark fantazies are the missing piece of sacred sexuality?
Now you have an opportunity to get the answer:
In this session you are engaged in contract based on trust and intimacy. (The therapist only have controll because you allow it and can feel safety.)
The idea is not to suffer but to consciously and carefully play with your mind, the pain and pleasure thereshold and your orgasm controll.
Intensity can be light or on the edge depending on what you both desire. She can find ways to take you to the very limit of pleasure and pain that you can tollerate.

On deeper levels It can transform power into love, fears into excitement, resistance into surrender, guilt into pleasure, so that you can fully relax and allow all the supressed and denied energy to expand throughout your body.


Did you know that every man has an area in his body that is same or even more erotogen than the penis? Yes, like a hidden gem the prostate glance is laying there waiting to be awakened and stimulated. Experience the kind of internal orgasm you have never felt before. This massage is known also for very positive influence on your Health- can

A SPA ritual where you will tune in with your masseuse that will wash away all the stress and daily routine... and will help you to tune in with the masseuse under the warm water

🍀The session includes shower (before and after massage), talk and massage.

🌸Usefull advices:
🔹We recommend to make an appointment A FEW HOURS in advance.
🔹In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
The therapist will make all the settings perfectly clear together with you before beginning of each session.

🔹Alcohol or drug consumption is not recommended before or during the session, and if you will come drunk to our studio then you will not be accepted for the treatment.
🔹We do not provide any sexual services.
Thank you for underestanding.

We guarantee meetings with the most educated, beautiful, skilled and hot masseuses, in a lovely, cosy and discreet studio!

With love, Tantra Spa ❤️
🍀Tel. +46 729 336 188🍀


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