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⭐️Tantra Spirit provides high quality REAL tantra massages, we are the one with the longest history in Stockholm ! 🇸🇪💗 Call on: 📞 +46 0765868493

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Dear visitors! We would love to invite you to Tantra Spirit, the place of delights, exploring yourself and a fairytale relax! 🦋🌸 We are the tantra place with the longest history in Stockholm! We provide Tantra massages ☺️

❗️Due to situation with covid we have prepared a hand sanitizer right behind the door, we also sanitize studio and smudge sage/Palo Santo which is naturally highly antivirotic. We work only if we feel perfectly fit (+ we have negative covid tests). We ask you for a responsibility as well when you book a time with us. However, with all that oxytocin released by millions of hugs and touch you will get here, who can have doubts it is the perfect choice??♥️

As we do really care about your experience by us, we constantly educate our therapists, evolve and make new special sessions to bring you even better, more pleasureable or more self-developing time than your last time!

Theress (22/11-28/11)♥️

Theres’ speciality⭐️
You know our gorgeous Theres already and you love her tempting package full of fun&tease!
Meet her now for a 60min/90min/2hours session with tie & tease & b2b ! Surrender yourself with your hands and legs tied under her tiny oily body, she will tease you with denying orgasm, prelonging lingam and make you go crazy :) Call and book now!

What is a tantra massage?
Tantra massage is a fullbody massage where nudity is something beautiful, where we cherish your body and free your mind and pamper you, ease your breathing and help you relax. Tantra massage activates your senses, waking up each cell of your body and gives you an extraordinary sensual experience. Learn how to use sexual energy for your life, be more present in any activity, more creative in your work, gain power, become an unforgettable lover in bed and much more! That is the power of tantra art and we can wait to teach you!

Our time going to be very intimate, we both will be naked and share this amazing moment of no shame, it is body to body contact and it includes lingam (penis)/ yoni (vulva) massage with heavenly ending no matter if you climax or not :)

Choose from our TANTRA SPIRIT MENU! ⬇️

We are the ONLY studio, who provides tantra massage and feel you should not pay any “extra” if you want to try a little different way of lingam massage. We feel that double lingam, prelonged lingam or special way of lingam called big draw technique, is something you should not pay for as extras, But it is only up to your individual choice as we are individuals and all of us need different way for lingam. From this time forward you pay for the time of session only and you choose what lingam massage is suitable for you!

*only left extras are : shower together/ body to body/ prostate


Session includes talk, shower and massage. I recommend to take 90minutes at least! Please respect our price list. There is no place for negotiation. 🤗

Build up a heavenly session just as you need with these extras:

BODY TO BODY (kr 500)
Experience very hot moments during body to body contacts, feel skin to skin, let the girl take control over you by her amazing moves and oily sliding - spice up your tantra session with little erotic sparkle!

Did you know that every man has a point on the body that is even more sensitive than his penis? Oh yes, like a hidden gem the prostate glance is just lying there waiting to be stimulated! Experience a sexual state you have never been in before, and breath deeply as the internal orgasms roll through your body

Lets get wet! The masseuse will help you gently shower your body before the session starts so you are fresh and warmed up nicely to enjoy your time in a different measure ☺️

We stay in a discreet and nice place. We are taking only serious gentlemen. Catch us on phone (call,sms/Whatsapp). We will be looking forward to seeing you!

With magic touch🙌

Tantra Spirit


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November 2020

Stockholm: Stockholm